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  • System message "Change the cartridge".

    Possible causes:
    1. Incorrect installation of cartridge
    2. Inconsistent GHIP version with the printer
    3. Wrong CHIP
    1. Re-install the cartridge
    2. Print supply page of the printer to confirm the firmware version of the printer
    3. Return for replacement
  • System identification issue

    Three possible reasons for cartridges not being identified by the printer:
    1.Firmware version has been upgraded, which caused the CHIP not able to be Identified by the system,or incorrect CHIP model or version is used with the cartridge.
    2.Printer failed to identified both ACM cartridge and other brand as well; it is possible that the printer is in need of a service repair.
    3.Printer has non-identification on mid of printing (not close to life end), it is possible the specific chip's inner program goes wrong. Suggest for replacement.
  • Toner leakage issue

    Place a white paper under the cartridge, then lightly tap it three times.  If a small amount of toner came off from the cartridge,its likely the cause of improper cleaning on the cartridge. Keep the cartridge and use as instructed.
    If toner continue to come off while taping it, please return for replacement.It is possible the sealing tape is cracked during transit.
  • Fitting issue

    Double check with customer to see if the model is correct for his/her printer
    Make sure the cartridge is correctly inserted into the machine.
    When all is confirmed. please return the incorrect cartridge for correct model placement.
  • Warped toner cartridge

    This is normally caused by severe vibration or extrusion during transit.Please return the defective unit for replacement.
  • Damaged package

    Slightly distorted or degumming package is usually caused by mishandling or minor impact during transportation.which should have little or no affect on printing.
    Heavy warped package are normally caused by improper impact during transportation. In this case, please inspect and check the physical appearance of the toner cartridge. Look for part breakage, toner leakage, or loose components. If any of the above issue occurs, please return for replacement: if not, use it as instructed.If any defection or poor printing quality appears after installation, please return far replacement.

  • Periodic black patches

    Possible causes:
    1. Impurity on the surface of the PCR
    2. Silicon oil got on the surface of the DR
    3. Injection moldings are defected
    1. Try to print about 10 pages at a time and observe
    2. whether the black patch fades out or not; If so,continue printing.
    3. If black patches still exist, please return for replacement
  • Black patches on printout

    Possible caused by dirty mark, gum on the PCR, or silicon oil on the surface of MR or lumping toner.
    This issue can be fix by cleaning the surface of the PCR or MR, or ask end user to print 10 pages continuously to see if black patch fades. If not,please return for replacement.
  • Black printout

    Its possible that the PCR was not loaded or assembled correctly. The PCR contact saddle or electrical contact is in poor conduciveness. 
    Suggestion:Re-install and make sure the drum shuttle is in good condition and completely open.
    If no improvement, please return for replacement.
  • Illegible letters an print

    It's possible that the coating of OPC (4 cycles)or PCR (7~8 cycles) has been polluted with water mark, oil mark or finger mark, etc.
    You can fix or improve this issue by printing several more blank pages.
  • Noise during printing

    If "Ka-Ka" sound occurs during printing, Its likely that the gear components are not assembled correctly, or cams loose. It can be fix by re-installing the toner cartridge. If the noises still exist during printing, please return for replacement.
    If "Zhi-Zhi" sound occurs during printing, the cause is likely to have loo much frictions between OPC and WB, with too little lubricant. This will have no affect on printing quality.
  • Squeaking noise after installation

    Possible causes:
    1. The driving gear is aging and driving force is declining
    2. The torque of the cartridge is too high
    Suggestion: Use the OEM cartridge to see if squeaking noise still exist, if so, you might want to advise your customer to send in his printer far service due to system aging. If not, please return for replacement.
  • "Please change the toner cartridge" message

    Possible causes:
    The counting gear is not reset
    Reset the counting gear on the printer

  • Color missing

    Possible causes:
    1. Color is exhausted and can't be print on the paper
    2. Poor electrical conduction on OPC
    1. Print supply status page to check if color is exhausted or not.
    2. Take out the cartridge and re-install into the printer and then print, if the issue is not solved, please return for replacement.
  • Black dots on the foot of the printout

    Possible causes:
    1. Waste toner in the drum unit falls off onto the paper
    2. Toner cartridge leakage
    Suggestion:Clean the drum unit and then print
  • Toner an paper when printing

    Possible causes:
    1. It's near the end of the life span and the waste toner falls off on paper.
    2. Transfer rate is slow and the waste bin is full.
    1. Print supply status page to make sure the cartridge is near its end of life span.
    2. Take out the cartridge and shake it to check if the waste bin is full.
    3. Clean the cartridge and continue to use until the toner is exhausted and the print out turns light.
  • Toner scattering

    Irregular vertical macula appears on printout, possibly cause by wrinkled or deformed sealing blade.
    Please continue printing, if the problem gets worse, please return far replacement
  • Horizontally missed print

    Possible causes;
    1. Defective gears or improper coating of OPC
    2. Jitter rate of MR is too high
    1. Replace OPC
  • Vertically missing print

    Possible causes:
    1. Laser is partly obstructed
    2. Impurity on the MR bushing
    3. Dirty reflecting mirror or defectiveness of transfer components
    1. Examine the refracting lever of OPC shutter or clean the MR bushing
    2. Glean the reflecting mirror
  • Vertical black streaks or black patches on one side of the printouts

    Possible causes:
    1. DB is out of share or has gaps
    2. Hopper is out of shape
    Suggestion: Return for replacement
  • Vertical stripes

    Continuous or in-continuous stripes
    Possible cause:
    1. Gap on the WB
    2. Scratch on the OPC
    3. Impurity between DR and MR
    Suggestion: Return for replacement

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