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Beyond The Shortcomings, Find Perfection

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Over the past 20 years in the toner cartridge industry, we have worked with hundreds of customers. And the most inquiries we hear from them are the defect rate and the guarantee of return and exchange. Even if the printing consumables industry has flourished for so many years, quality is still their eternal pain point.

As a company with a sense of responsibility and a mission to serve customers, we can't help feeling upset after hearing these concerns. As a customer’s supplier, do we also need to solve the customer’s pain from the root cause? Although Roses have thorns,silver fountain mud. But if the defect rate can reach 0.5%, why do we need to relax it to 1% in order to save a little cost?

There is an old Chinese saying: If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. If we invest more costs for perfect quality, our customers will definitely gain more benefits. Therefore, we are committed to making the toner cartridge production refined, highly meticulous, and striving for perfection. At present, the defect rate of our monochrome toner cartridges has dropped below 0.5%. The defect rate of color toner cartridges is less than 1%.

All we do is to find the perfect product beyond the shortcomings. To provide the best printing solutions for all BABSON customers. Dispel their pain points. Let the joy of printing pass on to everyone.

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