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HP faces class-action lawsuit for failing to scan faxes when all-in-one is out of ink

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HP seems to have been in the midst of a class-action lawsuit. Recently, two HP printer users in the United States have filed a class-action lawsuit again, accusing HP of falsely advertising the capabilities of the printer, because some models of HP inkjet MFPs cannot use the printer's scanning and printing functions when the ink is low or empty. Fax function.


The printers owned by the two plaintiffs, Gary Freund and Wayne McMath, are HP Envy 6455e and HP Deskjet 2655, respectively. They say HP's design flaws in the printer force users to buy unnecessary and expensive ink cartridges.

HP claims in its marketing, advertising, packaging and website representations that its all-in-one printers can print, copy, scan and, in some cases, fax documents at any time, the lawsuit alleges. However, there is no indication that the printer's scan and fax functions do not require ink, but the reality is that if the printer is low on ink or empty, the user will not be able to use the scan and fax functions.

The two plaintiffs are seeking damages and court injunctions, as well as asking HP to stop its alleged misleading advertising and inform consumers of its alleged mistakes.

The case has been accepted by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Previously, Canon inkjet all-in-one was also facing a class-action lawsuit over the same issue.

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