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HP seizes 1.5 million counterfeit goods in UAE

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The Age of Regeneration Report, in December 2021, HP worked with local authorities in the UAE UMM Al Quwain Emirate, using intelligence gathered by local HP partners, to conduct two large-scale raids on residences used as concealed counterfeit sites. Shutting down HP A major stronghold of counterfeit consumables for printers and seized about 1.5 million illegal items.


HP said its resellers and distributors were severely negatively affected by counterfeit products. A recent study by the Organization for European Cooperation and Development and the European Union Intellectual Property Office found that international trade in counterfeit and pirated goods accounted for 3.3 percent of world trade, equivalent to $509 billion.

The report also highlights the impact of fraud on lost government and corporate revenue, which can also lead to direct and indirect job losses. And in the EU alone, counterfeit and pirated goods account for 6.8% of imports, or €121 billion.

Earlier, Regeneration Times reported that HP was cracking down on counterfeiting in Africa. Between July and September 2021, HP worked with local authorities in Nairobi, Kenya, Dar es Salaam, and Mwanza, Tanzania, to seize more than 7,000 illegal items, including toner cartridges.

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