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In the 21 century. Multifunctional production machines are widely used around the world. This is only in order to provide customers with an efficient printing environment.  manufacturers must deliver their toner cartridges quickly and undamaged.

We are pleased to tell you a good news! After nearly half a year of continuous testing and adjustment. Our factory starts using a fully automatic color toner production line.The pass rate of color toner reaches 99.9%. We will start to use automatic machines to produce color toner. This is a big breakthrough. We are the first factory in this field to do so.

The production efficiency will be greatly improved. The production capaticity from 3000 per day to 500 colors per hour! (Models like 203A/ 201A/ 207A/ 131A/ 410A and other color toners.)

Conceivable, the mass production will save considerable labor costs. All our color toners are filled with Japanese Mitsubishi toners. And Huiwei cartridge shells for color toners. It is the best plastic shell factory in China. The performance is vivid and shiny like the original. 

Customers do sell our compatible toners as original. Color toner has always been a strong product of Babson and maybe the best product in the series.

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